Poseidon's Pull is an onsite performative art and technology project that uses hardware and software to track the drift of the points in a constellation drawing of Poseidon, the god of water, in the water surrounding the islands of Greece. Video documentation of the preliminary software in action can be seen below. This software is presently loading randomized values, which will later be substituted with real values. The final installation will be a kinect based installation that allows the visitors to use their hands to navigate to a certain points within the drift, accessing videos and other content not displayed in this documentation.

Poseidons Pull Install Documentation from max kazemzadeh on Vimeo.

POSEIDON'S PULL SOFTWARE (Installation/Exhibition in Washington State University's Museum of Art): Represented to the left is the installation and projection of the software onto one of the sails used in the collection of GPS tracks that direct the star points in the constellation of Poseidon. You will also notice the Hydria Jar on the pedestal, the print of the Hydria Jar, which all of the "drifters" used in their documentation. You will also notice a smaller screen that displays the sequence of images automatically retreived from google that sequentially matches the constellation drawing over the course of the complete drift. Since the drift is controlled by Poseidon, this in effect is Poseidon's encoded message to us.

poseidon software in progress…. from max kazemzadeh on Vimeo.

POSEIDON'S PULL SOFTWARE (WORK IN PROGRESS): Represented to the left is a sample full screen version of the software with drifting points and the respective collaborator videos documenting the GPS collection of those drifts. (6.7 MB)