“Poseidons Pull” is an interface I, Max Kazemzadeh, developed with a team of international collaborators with the purpose of creating a language that will reveal a message from the “God of the Sea,” Poseidon, one of the twelve Olympian deities of the pantheon in Greek mythology, whose domain is the ocean.
The interface is constructed in two parts. One is an astrological constellation of Poseidon, which has been mapped to longitude and latitude points in the Ionian sea, with each of the stars drifting in the paths and directions that each collaborator recorded, and the second is using the morphing shapes of the drifting constellation to find a sequence of 30 similar images in Google that will create a slide show revealing an interpretable mysterious message from Poseidon.
Each collaborator recorded GPS drifts from international waterways and ocean ports accessible to them. Each of the GPS drifts are then repositioned to one of the longitude and latitude star points in the Poseidon constellation in the Ionian Sea. This is effect is a format where individuals around the world are each turning their attention to Greece.
Since Poseidon domain is the ocean and waterways, he controls the currents and therefore affects the GPS drifts of collaborators around the world, and therefore is controlling the morph of the constellation drawing in the Ionian Sea.